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Managing Tough Classes

This was posted in our Facebook group this week, and there were many teachers who are in similar situations and posted suggestions. So - thank you to all who posted in the Musicplay Teacher’s group on Facebook - you’re the authors of the Musicplay newsletter this week.

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Centers in the Music Class

Why use centers in the music room? Learning centers are typically set up in a classroom to encourage children to make choices. As they work in the centers they learn to work independently as well as cooperatively. Behaviors are getting more difficult to manage every year. If you use centers and have one or two students not behaving appropriately, this is a time when you can intervene and have them work one on one with you, or you can give them a written task instead of letting them play the games at the centers. I found with the grade 5 classes I worked with that the level of engagement was really high, and students were almost all on task.

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Easy Assessment

Teachers are talking on Facebook about grading and their end of year assessments. If you teach all the children in a school that is a lot of report cards to find grades for and to write comments for. It's one of the jobs that I really don't mIss now that I am a guest teacher and I'm not under contract. 
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What's New with Musicplay - March 27, 2023


French Content
  • Added Melody Hunt worksheet and flash cards to Games and Centers
    • Also added to the Easter Unit and Solfa Practice
  • Added Rhythm Hunt worksheet and flashcards to Games and Centers
    • Also added to the Easter Unit and Rhythm Practice
  • "Recently Updated" and "Just Added" tags added to search results

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