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Instruments of the Orchestra provides activities for K-8 music classes. It is packed with interactive activities and resources to take your students through the world of orchestral music. This newsletter will showcase some of the materials you can find. Explore what we have by going to Units > Instruments > Instruments of the Orchestra or by clicking the link here: Instruments of the Orchestra Unit (on MusicplayOnline). Materials include:
  • Instruments of the Orchestra Interactive Activity
  • What Instrument Do You Hear Interactive
  • Orchestra Family Worksheets
  • Ressources en français

Instruments of the Orchestra

Introduce your students to the orchestral instruments with engaging YouTube videos and interactive activities. From coloring worksheets to instrument sorting assessments, this section offers a dynamic way to explore the orchestra.
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*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.
*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.
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Instrument Sort 
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Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion Families

Delve deeper into specific instrument families with detailed care videos, interactive lessons, and engaging worksheets. Discover classical pieces that highlight each family through provided external links.
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The Woodwind Family
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*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.

What Instrument Do You Hear?

Develop listening skills through interactive demos and assessments. Challenge your students to identify instruments with our fun "What Instrument Do You Hear?" sessions.
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Add a fun activity to your music lessons with a game of Four Corners. Check out our kids demo to see this in action: Four Corners Kids Demo (on MusicplayOnline)
  • Set up signs in the four corners of your classroom: Woodwind, Brass, String, and Percussion.
  • Play travel music (excerpts of orchestra or band pieces, movie soundtracks, etc.) as your students march around the classroom.
  • When the music stops, have the students quickly choose a corner.
  • Play a selection featuring an instrument family or a specific instrument.
    • You can use the "What Instrument Do You Hear" interactive for audio.
    • You can also use a picture of an instrument or a card with a scrambled instrument name
  • Students in the correct corner of the instrument family sit down in the middle of the classroom. 

Instrument Bingo

Download and print the Instrument Bingo cards (on MusicplayOnline) or play the interactive version (on MusicplayOnline) for another fun activity to do with your students.

Keyboard Instruments

Introduce students to keyboard instruments like the piano, organ, harpsicord, organ, and accordion.
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Playing Jazz/Blues/Rock on the Piano
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Classroom Instruments

Reinforce classroom instrument listening through an interactive bingo game. Play as a class against the computer, or split into two teams. 
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