MORE Outdoor Music Ideas!

As we near the end of the school year and warm, sunny days arrive, today's newsletter will present additional outdoor music class ideas!
In our previous outdoor music newsletter, we shared some fun skipping songs and chasing game ideas. For a refresher, click here: Outdoor Music Ideas!

Recorder Composition

This is a great activity for outside as it gives students the space to improvise and compose melodies. The recorder composition blank template can help them create playable and musical ideas. You can find this template in Instruments > Recorder > Recorder Kit 1 > Intro to Recorder.
Scroll down to the Supporting Resources and click on View All + under Printables.
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 1.00.37 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 12.56.35 PM 
*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.
  • Limit students to the rhythms: ta, ti-ti, rest.
  • Limit notes to BAG, BAG E, or BAG ED, based on their playing ability.
    • If using BAG E, end on G or E.
    • If using BAG, end on G. 
  1. Have students create a rhythm pattern under the hearts and check it.
  2. If the rhythm works, have them improvise melodies on that rhythm using the notes BAG or BAG ED.
    • When they have a melody they like, they should write the letters in.
    • After playing their melody successfully, they should write the notes on the staff.
  3. Accompany melodies on a bass metallophone or xylophone:
    • For melodies ending on G, use a G-D bordun.
    • For melodies ending on E, use an E-B bordun.

 Boomwhacker Composition

Here's another fun outdoor activity for your class that can span two periods: 
  • Divide students into groups.
  • Provide each group with pentatonic Boomwhackers.
  • Invite them to create a rhythmic composition with movement.
    • Try this with melodic compositions (may require more time).
  • Have the groups perform for each other.
Boomwhacker-composition-1 Boomwhacker-composition-2-624x473
Boomwhacker-composition-4-624x449 Boomwhacker-composition-3-624x306

In the Boomwhacker section on MusicplayOnline, you'll find stick games that incorporate Boomwhackers as props. Navigate to Instruments > Boomwhacker > Games > Stick Games or click the link here: Stick Games (on MusicplayOnline). E Papä & Maori and Mäku e are excellent choices for students seeking a challenge, as they include a throwing component.

*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.

Watch a Maori Titi Torea Performed by the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 5.24.46 PM
*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline. 

Drumming or Bucket Drumming

These activities would be fun to teach outside, but you'll need to plan to teach it by rote.
Here are some composition activities to try outside! Download the worksheets and audio files in the supporting resources section. If you have a way to project the sound (bluetooth speaker), your students can create a pattern and play along!
Create a pattern on the bucket drum: Compose Using 16th Notes (on MusicplayOnline) 
Create a pattern using 2 parts of the bucket: Compose Using Two Parts (on MusicplayOnline) 
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 5.28.29 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 5.28.43 PM
Another creative (and quieter) idea is to have students create their own Body Percussion routine.
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 5.33.56 PM
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Recorder Baseball

The Print & Play version is a perfect way to take this activity outdoors! Print Singles and Doubles on brightly colored card stock. Laminating isn’t necessary since you will be the only one handling these cards. This would be a great project for a parent volunteer.
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.53.32 PMScreenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.53.57 PM

*To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.


Discover more levels by clicking here: Recorder Baseball (on MusicplayOnline) 

Playground Balls

Plainsies Clapsies
A fun activity to play outside using playground balls instead of bean bags!
Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 2.13.01 PM
 *To access the materials, please log in to MusicplayOnline.

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