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Holiday Rhythm Centers, Games, and Worksheets

What do I do after the December concert?

The Nutcracker is a holiday favorite.  Musicplayonline has lessons for teaching the story of the Nutcracker, and many of the movements.  These can be holiday performances OR they can be fun holiday lessons.  In the Wednesday webinar, I'll do many of them.

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Holiday Instruments and Bucket Drumming

MusicplayOnline has many arrangements!

Kids love playing instruments any time of year. MusicplayOnline has holiday arrangements for Orff instruments, bucket drums, rhythm band, Boomwhackers, body percussion and - new this year - Djembe.  Many of these arrangements were written in 2021 for the year that many schools couldn't sing. Now, there are a wealth of materials for instruments on MusicplayOnline.
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How to Plan an Elementary Music Concert/Program

Whether you are a first year teacher or a seasoned veteran, planning concerts is a lot of work.  A holiday concert can be an event that brings school and community together.  When you ask adults what they remember most about elementary school, it's rarely the math classes - it's the events that they connected with emotionally, and most often they remember the year they were a snowman in the Christmas play far better than they remember learning the times tables.  Too often though, the responsibility for the holiday concert falls on the shoulders of the music teacher.  Since this is a school event, it is really necessary for the entire staff to be involved.  This newsletter is coming early this year (I've usually published this in Dec) as you really need it NOW - not in December.
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