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Music Lesson Plans PreK-6 Lesson 17 (January Week 2)

In this post, I’ll share music lesson plans for PK-6 for January week 2. I create these lessons at www.Musicplayonline.com and they are set up in a step-by-step format with videos, interactive activities, solfa and rhythm practice, optional worksheets for a 45 min. music class. If you have 2 classes/week, there are many extensions possible. Many teachers use the Musicplayonline website “freestyle” -is choosing their own songs, and the activities that go with them. Or they use the Ukulele, Guitar, Recorder or Boomwhacker sections to teach instruments. But if you’d like easy planning for a week, or have a sub coming in, these Lesson Modules are great!

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E-Learning Music Lessons with Musicplayonline

With Coronavirus cases topping 100,000 worldwide, schools are starting to close and teachers are having to teach their music classes online. There are a variety of ways to do this. One of our Shanghai teachers has been teaching by making videos for her students, posting them on YouTube and sending them the link. Some teachers are going to try to teach virtually using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. At Musicplayonline, our first response to the possibility of students need learning at home lessons was to open additional areas of the Musicplayonline website to students. The following areas of Musicplayonline are now open to students:

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