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If you're seeking inspiration for your Spring concert and performances, check out the materials we have on MusicplayOnline for some ideas.
The easiest way to access our Spring program materials is by going to Discover > Musicals and Revues > Spring Show or by clicking the link here: Spring Show Content
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JJ Musicals

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 10.54.55 AM Bunnies: A Hopping New Musical
John Jacobson & Walter Jack
Here’s a hippety hoppety good time for your K-2 singers. Featuring a story of sharing… and of course bunnies, this folk dance field frolicking musical will be an audience hit.  Approximate run time 25 minutes.
Bunnies! A Hopping New Musical
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A Friendship Song
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The Bunny Hop
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JJ Revues

Just-Sing-300x150 Just Sing!
John Jacobson
Theming many of John Jacobson’s inspirational and pop hits, here is original review highlighting friendship, kindness, and greatness.  Great for spring concerts! Approximate run time 30 minutes.
 Just Sing! (Musical Revue)

Musicplay Musicals

The Best Pet Show Ever
This is a 15-20 minute K-3 musical that can be performed as a complete production with more than one class or the teacher could choose 3 or 4 of the class favourites to perform at an assembly. It features 18 speaking parts that can be performed by as few as 3 children. Lines are non-gender specific, with a setting at a pet show where children introduce their pets and discuss why their pets are the best. The musical includes songs about cats, dogs, bunnies, snakes, the SPCA, and responsible pet ownership.
The Best Pet Show Ever

Concert Planning Idea: Rain

For concert planning inspiration, consider organizing a performance centered around a rain theme. Here's a printable resource to spark some ideas: Rain Poems and Performance Idea
Here is a link to more rain-related songs: Rain songs on MPO
If you're looking for a general list of spring-related songs, you can explore more by clicking this link: Spring Songs on MPO
Here are some songs you will find:
Baby Bumblebee (PreK)
Here is the Beehive (K)

 Here is the Beehive Lyric Video

Little Rabbit Foo Foo (1)
The Lollipop Tree (2)

 The Lollipop Tree Notation Video

 I Love Mountains (3)
Springtime (4)

 Springtime Projectable 

Raindrops Round (5)

 Raindrops Round Lyric Projectable


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