Goin' on a Melody Hunt!

If you're looking for some Easter fun, you can find activities in our Easter Unit on MusicplayOnline by going to Units > Festivals & Holidays > Easter or by clicking the link here: Easter UnitIn this unit you will find Easter and rabbit related songs, Easter composition activities, listening activities, and fun hunting games. 
The Rhythm and Melody hunt is a great egg hunt-style activity to add in your lesson! 


  • Hide the 8 flashcards around the classroom - in plain sight.
  • Provide each student with a worksheet and pencil. Use clipboards or old hard cover texts as a writing surface.
  • Students search for the flashcards, copying the patterns onto their worksheets. Ensure the numbers match for easy correction.
  • Once all 8 patterns are copied, students can select 4 to create a new melody or compose their own so-mi melody.
  • You can have students think of words for their melody and add accompaniment with a C-G bordun on Orff instruments or on Boomwhackers. 


Melody Hunt


Try this activity using rhythms!

Rhythm Hunt



Rhythm-Hunt-WorksheetRhythm Hunt Worksheet


Egg Shaker Matching Game

 Another fantastic activity for your K-5 students is the listening eggs matching game.
K-1 students: 
  • Fill eggs with fun materials such as popcorn, rice, dried peas, small screws, tums, or pennies.
  • Shake the egg and see if they can guess what’s inside!  
Gr. 2-5 students:
  • Fill pairs of plastic eggs with different materials. Avoid using the same colour eggs for the pairs.
  • Give one egg to each student and have them search for their match based on sound rather than appearance.
  • Use inconspicuous markings or a legend to identify matching pairs.
  • To enhance the activity, challenge students to guess the contents of their eggs without opening them.

You will find the teaching notes and a demo video below: 

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 10.04.42 AM
You can access this activity and discover more in our Easter Unit on MusicplayOnline: Easter Unit 

Looking for an engaging game to assess your students' sight-reading skills on the recorder? Give Recorder Baseball a try, created by Nancy Otto.
You can access this game by going to Instruments > Recorder > Recorder Baseball or by clicking the link here: Recorder Baseball
Recorder Baseball - BAG

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