Kindergarten Music Lesson Plan – Lesson 19, January week 4

At there are Lesson Modules, with lessons for every week of the school year. I’ve got 6 weeks left to build to catch up to when I started building these – at the beginning of the first lockdown.

I’m creating lessons for every grade: PreK-K-1-2-3-4-5-6 (middle school). For an overview video of all grades lessons go to

Todays post will focus on the kindergarten lesson 19 – for Jan. week 4. Both the PreK and the K lesson can be used for kindergarten, and both are great. I class-tested PreK with students ages 3-6 so it works just as well as K! Here’s an video overview of the lesson:

Here’s a link to the lesson at Musicplayonline:

This is the outline and objectives (I can statements) for the lesson.

The kindergarten music lessons all start with “Welcome to School.” If you can’t sing in class, play the recording and echo rhythms during the song.

I’ve included a Fruit rhythms video next. If you are teaching virtually, you could invite the children on your Zoom to find fruit or vegetables to create their own rhythms.

Steady beat is one of the concepts to work on throughout Kindergarten, and the Button Factory chant is a fun way to practice keeping a steady beat!

Integrating music and literacy in kindergarten is important. Teach the students the Pretty Princess song. (on Zoom) If in-person and not allowed to sing, teach the song as rhymes for the kids to say.

Then read the Sleeping Beauty story and insert the verses into the story. (sing or say). If it’s easier, watch the story video where it’s already done for you.

100 Day will fall at different times in different states/provinces, but it’s coming soon, and this song is fun. Cheer for 100 is an echo song, so very easy for children to learn. They hear a short snippet of lyric and echo. A 100 day activity is suggested – make pompoms out of 100 strips of paper and use the pompoms to create movement for the song.

Who has the pencil? – a guessing game. Adapt for Zoom by using 3 guessers and 3 solos. Adapt for in-person by saying instead of singing.

If you’re allowed to sing, use this song to assess pitch matching.

End the lesson with Skinamarink!

The lessons at Musicplayonline take you step-by-step through a complete music class, meeting all the standards for teaching music in your state or province.

We’ve created overview videos for every grade!

PreK overview video.

Link to PreK Lesson at Musicplayonline:

K overview video:

Link to K Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Gr 1 Music Lesson overview video:

Link to Gr 1 Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Gr 2 Music Lesson overview video:

Link to Gr 2 Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Gr 3 Music Lesson overview video:

Link to Gr 3 Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Gr 4 Music Lesson overview video:

Link to Gr 4 Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Gr 5 Music Lesson overview video:

Link to Gr 5 Lesson at Musicplayonline:

Musicplayonline is a wonderful resource for teaching PreK-Grade 6 music curriculum. It’s only $150/year USD for ALL grades!

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