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With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, our Valentine's Day Unit offers a wonderful collection of activities and resources for your classroom. Find songs related to love, Valentine's Day and friendship, Valentine themed word games, Bobo videos and our fun recorder mad minute activity to enjoy! Discover more by going to Units > Festivals & Holidays or clicking the link here: Valentine's Day Unit

Related Songs:

Songs About Love
  • Skinnamarink (PreK)
  • Tony Chestnut (2)
  • Love Grows under the Wild Oak Tree (2)
  • Love Somebody(3)
  • Daisy Bell (4)
  • Oh My Love (MS)
  • Take Time (MS) 
Folk Songs
  • Rig a Jig Jig (1)
  • Gitsigakomim (2)
  • Sakitohwin (4)
  • Scarborough Fair (MS)
  • Greensleeves (MS)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (MS)
  • Tell My Ma (MS)
  • Tumbalalaika (MS)
Valentine's Songs
  • I Like Valentines (PreK)
  • Valentine Game (PreK)
  • I Like Valentines (K)
  • A Tisket a Tasket (K)
  • I Like You (1)
  • I Sent a Valentine (2)
Friendship Songs
  • Do You Want to be My Friend? (K)
  • Fiddledeedee (K)
  • As Friends We're Two (K)
  • Hey There Friend (K)
  • We Don't Put Up with Putdowns (K)
  • Hugs and Grugs (K)
  • The More We Get Together (2)
  • Just Friends (3)
  • Make New Friends (4)
  • Build a Bridge (MS)

Valentine's Word Composition and Games

This section offers a variety of downloadable resources. You will find a Valentine Cinnamon Hearts Listening Lesson, solfa and rhythm flashcards, note value coloring pages for your students and a "What makes a good friend?" interactive. 

The Cinnamon Hearts Listening Lesson is a great activity aiming to teach rhythmic meters and patterns in a fun way. It starts with students moving to drum beats, identifying rhythms in twos, threes, or fours. Then, they tap out rhythms using cinnamon hearts or stickers to match the time signatures of the music playing.

valentine_cinnamon_heartsLink to Cinnamon Hearts Listening Lesson

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Bobo Valentines

Two Bobo videos are included, featuring drmfsl solfa.

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Recorder Mad Minutes

Both a downloadable PDF and an interactive are included.
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