Campfire Songs

Lots of your students will spend some time in the summer camping.As the weather warms up and you’re thinking about summer, campfire songs make a nice unit.  In my view, campfire songs are songs that are familiar, that you may have sung at summer camp, and that are easy for all ages to sing along with.  There are lots and lots of songs at to use as campfire songs. And don’t hesitate to use Kumbaya in K, with a Grade 3 class.  These songs are timeless and ageless.

There are many songs in Musicplay that you could use as part of a campfire songs unit.  And it’s even better, if your students can accompany their singing on ukulele or guitars.

ALL of the songs in Musicplay are arranged for Ukulele and Guitar, so youdon’t have to go hunting for arrangements.

If you don’t subscribe to the online site, the Musicplay Ukulele/Guitar arrangements are available in print as well!

Make a fake campfire to add even more fun to your unit!

Musicplay K

6. You’ve Got to Sing
42. Kumbayah
77 Sailor Song
99 If You’re Happy
113 Michael Finnigan
150 Old MacDonald
152 Peanut Butter
157 Listen to the Water
165 A Boy and A Girl
174 She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain

Musicplay 1

11 Apples and Bananas
18 Ten in the Bed 1 chord F
26 Today is Monday
38 Goin on a Bear Hunt
42 Down by the Bay
62 Miss Lucy
67 Aikendrum
106 Five More Days till Vacation

Musicplay 2

3 Ridin’ that New River Train
9. I’ve been Working on the Railroad
19 I am a Fine Musician
31 Peace Like a River
35 On Top of Spaghetti
50 Boom Boom
53 Haul on the Bowlin’
59 The More We Get Together
61 Ham and Eggs
62 Cat Came Back
63 I’se the B’y
70 Ain’t Gonna Rain no More
81 Oh My Aunt Came Back
87 Row Row Row Your Boat
93 Swimming
94 Goin’ on a Picnic
98 Christopher McCracken

Musicplay 3

9 Rocky Mountain
25 Nothing But Peace
29 I’m an Acorn
51 Cindy
62 Austrian Went Yodelling
69 Old Blue
74 Alouette
77 I Love the Mountains
81 Waltzing Matilda
99 Feller From Fortune

Musicplay 4

2 Hey Lidee
3 This Little Light of Mine
6 Chester
30 Land of the Silver Birch
51 We’re on the Upward Trail
53 My Gal’s a Corker
59 Nobody Likes Me
60 Grandpa’s Whiskers
84 Flunky Jim
95 Camping Song

Musicplay 5

1 Mama Don’t Allow
26 He’s Got the Whole World
68 Click go the Shears
83 Drunken Sailor
84 Ship Titanic
87 Neath the Lilacs
91 Clementine
93 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Musicplay 6

1 Barges
16 Fish and Chips
24 Oh My Darling
32 Hagdalena
39 Who Did
58 Hi Ho the Rattlin Bog
71 Gypsy Rover
78 She Waded in the Water
79 Corner Grocery Store
120 Home on the Range

Campfire Songs are FUN – share your ideas, photos and videos at  Musicplay Teachers Facebook Group!

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