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This unit offers wonderful resources to celebrate the lives, work, achievements and contributions of Black Americans and Canadians to our countries' histories and cultures in your classroom. Explore singing games, choral pieces, listening selections, and spiritual songs. Additionally, discover videos and activities featuring Scott Joplin, resources for "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and further content on notable Black American and Canadian musicians and composers. Check out what we have by going to Units > Festivals & Holidays or clicking the link here: Black History Month Unit

Related Songs:

Singing Games

  • Kye Kye Koolay (1)
  • Obwisana (2)
  • Circle 'Round the Zero (2)
  • Tue Tue (4)
  • Green Sally Up (5)
  • Tànk Loxo Nopp (G)
  • Maua Mazuri (G)
  • Lift Every Voice and Sing (G)
  • Eh Soom Boo Kawaya (G)
  • Ko Di Na (Our Musical World unit, Uganda)


  • Wai Bamba (MS)
  • Siyahamba (MS)
  • Hymn to Freedom (MS)
  • I Shall Not Be Moved (G)
  • Maple Leaf Rag (G)
  • Hold On To Your Dream (G)


Listening Selections

  • Zulu Dance (3)


  • Kumbayah (K)
  • Michael, Row the Boat Ashore (1)
  • Follow the Drinkin' Gourd (5)
  • Wade in the Water (MS)
  • I Shall Not Be Moved (G)
  • Lift Every Voice and Sing (G)

Scott Joplin Biopic

Watch a Scott Joplin biopic featuring John Jacobson, along with a short performance of "The Entertainer."

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 Link to Scott Joplin Biopic


Scott Joplin - Favorite Rag

This section offers listening log videos with printable options available. Both easy and challenging versions are provided for your younger and older students. Additionally, you'll find instructional videos demonstrating the cup game, along with a video detailing Scott Joplin's life.
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Scott Joplin - Fig Leaf Rag

This part of the unit also features video listening logs along with downloadable versions, offering both easy and advanced options for your students. Additionally, it includes cup game demos and an instrument play-along.
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Lift Every Voice and Sing

Here you will find downloadable accompaniment, notation and lyric videos, and an acapella performance. You will also find printable piano sheet music, teacher and student scores, and lyrics.
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Maple Leaf Rag

This section provides notation and lyric videos with vocals, as well as teaching and full choreography videos led by John Jacobson. Additionally, there's a lyric concept slide and a link to access all Maple Leaf Rag resources in the song list.
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Notable Historical Black Musicians and Composers

In this section you can watch YouTube videos featuring Joseph Bologne's Symphony Op. 11 No. 2 in D Major and a George Bridgetower scene from "The Immortal Beloved."

Notable Black American Musicians and Composers

Check out notable Black American musicians and composers with included YouTube videos, a generic listening log worksheet, and concept slides.
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Notable Black Canadian Musicians and Composers

Discover renowned Black Canadian musicians and composers through YouTube videos and concept slides.
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